Sunday, 19 February 2012

On Call

We had a good time at the mall, I refused to let him buy me underwear but I got some sweats that I promised to wear at his house as long as I wasn’t in bed then I was allowed to be naked if I wanted.   Walking around the mall was interesting we ran into a few people I knew from work and was surprised and happy that Conrad either kept holding my hand or had his arm around my shoulder so I knew that by the time I got to work on Sunday night everyone at the hospital would know we were together,  I asked him about that he told me, “We are together I don't care who knows.”  I just smiled at him.

After the mall I figured we'd go back to his house but he took me out for supper then for a walk then back to his house.  We never made it to the bedroom we got  into the house and started ripping off each others clothing and we were kissing as if we were trying to devourer each other, It was totally primal  we were on the  carpet my legs were spread and he was entering me it happened so quickly and it felt so good he wasn’t gentle it was like he took a sledge hammer and just hammered his cock into me over and over I was in heaven orgasm after orgasm rolled on top of each other I didn’t know where one started and one stopped, we didn’t speak words just grunting noises till we reached a final release.   Conrad collapsed on top of me we were both sweaty and breathing hard.  We just lay there on the carpet holding each other .   When our breathing slowed down he kissed my eyes my nose and then my mouth, “I’m sorry,I didn’t mean for this to happen here.” I laughed “Conrad I was here too I took part in this so don’t you dare apologize  that was the most amazing sexual experience of my life.”  When we were able to breath we got up and went to the bed room and explored each others body at a more leisurely pace.   We never did explore my submissive side that week end but the sexual exploration was amazing.
Sunday night came too quickly for me, I packed all my stuff to go to work when I got to the door  Conrad asked me what I was doing,   “I figured I was going back to my apartment in the morning after work.” “Only if you plan on giving me a key so I can get in,” I looked puzzled he takes me in his arms and said, “Pj you belong to me you are mine and I'm not giving you up, if you want to stay at your place fine but I'll be there as well or we can stay here either way we will be together.”  I smiled at him, “then I guess I'll drive myself back here in the morning but at some point I'm going to have to get more of my clothes.”

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Acceptable and not acceptable,  as adults we hope we know the difference and hope we can make our own decisions with out TPTB having to step in,  in the last few days and paypal have taken the decision out of our hands and made it for us.   I am here to say that just because I read erotica does not mean that I'm impaired in anyway.  Just because the titles have the word "Daddy" in does not mean incest.
 Oxford Dictionaries defines incest as:  ssexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other.
the crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.

So close blood relations if I'm getting this right.  I have yet to find/read anything on that have anything along those lines.

Since the US government cannot define porn,  why should a website who have made money from erotic writers change its tune?  Did the owners all of a sudden find religion? or maybe some parent/focus group that have too much time on their hands black list the website cause one of their unsupervised children came across something the parent had to explain.  I ask why should this be my fault?  All parent should supervise their children when they are on line end of story