Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dark & Torrid Night free on Amazon January 14 2012.
Pauline Jacquelin had an ordinary job in an ordinary life in New York City. That is until one dark and stormy night after she'd been working late and opted to cut across Central Park to get home faster. Two men had approached her from opposite directions and after rendering her unconscious with a stun-gun had taken her to a bare, dark room and secured her arms and legs in a very uncomfortable position. Awakening and finding herself that way had been bad enough, but then her captors entered the room, removed her clothes and began having sex with her. She had feared the worst and it had happened. Or had it? Pauline recalled having signed up for an adventure game package from a company that supplied real life adventures to those who sought them. Was this the adventure designed according to her special psyche evaluation? If so, she wasn't actually being violated as much as she was being given the "perfect adventure" for her. But was it? She had no way of knowing until it was all over and it didn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

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  1. Whiskey McNaughton has done it again this book is a little darker than his usual fare, but it still has that sense of fun to it.